Businessmen, please beware of RTA Business Consultants

Businessmen, please beware
RTA Business Consultants

22nd March 2011 on

The Federation of Small Businesses, who we are part of, are
warning their members about using RTA (Business Consultants)
Limited - they have RTA listed in their 'scams library'!

Small businesses are losing large sums of money by attempting
to sell their businesses through RTA (Business Consultants)
Ltd. In some cases small businesses are paying thousands of
pounds. After a time period as agreed with RTA, e.g. 5 months,
small businesses are finding that they have had no potential
buyers and that they are entitled to no refund.

If you are approached by RTA, or think about approaching them,
have a quick google search on 'RTA scam' and see all the evidence
to stop you from losing large sums of money!